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Art Community guidelines

Savvity's user agreement

As a member on Savvity you accept Savvity's general user agreement

Art Community Guidelines

  • By breaking Savvity's User agreement you are in risk of getting banned from Art
  • It's not allowed to post ads and/or commercial without permission from the Community host or an Admin
  • If you are using someone elses work as Reference for your own, and you're making an exact copy, you are obligated to credit the original artist
  • You are not allowed to steal credit for someone else's artwork
  • You have to show the community manager, the admin, as well as every other user respect - we should all keep a friendly tone
  • Keep in mind that you are only able to edit posts half an hour after you first posted it, it can be a good idea to proof read it first
  • If you're making a thread that might be triggering (i.e. Blood, drugs, sexual assualt, violence, death etc) please put a (X) in the title.

Feeback and critique

Only give others feedback if they asked for it, since we want everyone to feel safe when sharing their artwork. When giving feedback only give helpful critique, it's not allowed to bash people's creation.

If you want others to give you feedback please use any of the following
(m) mild critique
(i) intermidiate critique
(h) harsh critique

Correlation does not equal causation.

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