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Texture(s) meaning

Texture in art refers to traditional mediums such as paintings and is also part of digital art.

In traditional art you refer to 2 things. The texture of the canvas or the texture of the paper can give a texture, a grainy impression for instance. You also achieve different textures by applying paint using different techniques and different tools like different brushes or "sponges".

In digital art you don't have the same possibilities as a blank digital canvas does not provide any texture. Instead you usually achieve different textures by using different brushes or inserting photographs. You only want the grainyness of a photo and therefore any motive in a picture isn't included as it is. It's often blended by filters and layers.

Because of copyright claims we encourage you to use royalty free photographs/stock photos, photos you've been allowed to use or your own photos when making textures for your digital art.

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